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About us

About Us

Beatriz Franck started her business career very early. Having grown up in a difficult environment, she worked from an early age and at the age of 18 traveled for the first time to Brazil to buy merchandise to sell on her return home.

This first foray into a corporate world was a success and the seed of a business that would come about. It began with the creation of a store of her own, in the backyard of the house where she lived!

At the end of 2003 Bibi Boutique appears. The first establishment of the businesswoman, located at Rua da Missão, Cabinda, Angola, was a small store of 4m2. The existence of a variety of products that at the time did not exist in the zone allowed a quicky expansion of the business, which forced to expand the space to 50m2 in 2006.

The success did not stop there. At the end of 2008, the company inaugurated the first and most luxurious department store in Angola, with a 1000m2 area and an investment of around USD 1,500,000, which eventually became the commercial center of that city. In 2012, the first store was inaugurated in Luanda, the country's capital, as part of the brand's expansion plan. This establishment was closed in 2016 in a risky decision to launch a clothing brand, BEATRIZFRANCK.

BEATRIZFRANCK is a fast fashion clothing line, democratic and current. It will be the first Angolan clothing brand with the "cheap and cheerful" concept. To date, it is the largest Angolan clothing project with a physical and digital presence, with home deliveries in Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

The purpose of the brand is to meet the needs of the majority of the Angolan population, allowing access to quality clothes at affordable prices, different from those currently in the country.